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Maybe there ARE more Baha'is than Jews in South Carolina! PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - Community and administration
Written by Mark Silk, Religion News Service   
Friday, 27 June 2014
Mark Silk

Earlier this month, I took exception to a Washington Post map purporting to show the second largest religious tradition (after Christianity) in each state of the Union. A significant number of them were wrong, I claimed, because they relied on the inflated estimates of religious bodies rather than on telephone surveys of individuals.

None of the purported “seconds” was more surprising than the Bahá’í Faith in South Carolina. How could this rather obscure 19th-century world religion, with a total claimed U.S. population of 174,00, have more adherents in the Palmetto State than Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism?

Well, it turns out there’s a good answer to that question. In the early 1960s, national leaders of the faith began making a concerted effort to reach African Americans in the South. By the early 1970s, teams of Bahá’ís (themselves mostly African-American) were going door-to-door in rural South Carolina and Florida, preaching their message of the unity of God, humanity, and all religions, and proclaiming their founder, Bahá’u’lláh, as the return of Christ. (Bahá’ís believe that Bahá’u’lláh is the most recent in a succession of divine messengers — including Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, and Buddha — who established a religion appropriate to their time and place.)

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Rainn Wilson talks about SoulPancake (and Baha'i/The Office) PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - Individuals and groups
Written by SaintCharlie, Soul Pancake   
Saturday, 21 June 2014

Looks like SoulPancake isn't dead. But the website is feeling neglected.

I think the progression into a YouTube channel and television makes me uncomfortable because it takes away the voice of the people. SoulPancake becomes a representative of thought, rather than a medium in which thoughts can be shared. But I think what made me angry wasn't the creation of the YouTube channel or the building of a SoulPancake media, it was that Wilson seems to be fueling it by draining the website.

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On the Message of the local BNASAA Friends: Gay or straight, Baha'u'llah's love is unconditional PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - The Subject of Boys
Written by George Wesley Dannells, Baha'i Views   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The local group of the Baha'i Network on Aids, Sexuality, Addiction and Abuse presented before a recent Baha'i Cluster Reflection Meeting to describe the work they do. Like every body of believers within the Baha'i community in this day, their focus is on teaching the Baha'i Cause. They look to provide support to the population so affected by the pervasive issues addressed by BNASAA and to educate all of us, Baha'i or not, to the Message of Baha'ullah, as needed.

What is that message? "Regardless of who you are, what you do, Baha'u'llah loves you, and we love you, and we accept you, period, without reservation." Whatever the shortcoming, whatever the personal struggle, the love is unconditional. The discussion they led was spontaneous, brief, frank, and open. It went as follows. -gw

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THPD Makes Arrest in 34-Year-Old Double Murder PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - News
Written by Katie Hargitt, My Wabash Valley   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014

[The two murdered women were Bahais.]

Investigators with the Terre Haute Police Department say they have solved a 34-year-old case. A suspect is in custody, but not in Indiana.

Lucinda Farmer and Mary Quillen were found shot dead outside their apartment on the morning of July 5, 1980. Now, more than three decades later police have charged Harry Rowley with their murders.

Rowley is currently in prison in California. He's already serving a life sentence in murder there. Lieutenant Edward Tompkins first re-opened the case in April 2010. During that time he visited Rowley in prison in California.

According to the probable cause affadavit, Rowley did confess to the murders during a conversation last year. The prosecutor's office currently is battling with California to get Rowley back to Indiana for a trial.

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