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Meditations on Baha'u'llah

4/10/17, The theme of 'place' in Aqdas 1
15/5/17, Short obligatory prayer - translation and commentary
29/12/16, New translation: Surah of Visitation for Mulla Husayn

Baha’i Rants

3/7/13, Mohsen Makhmalbafs The Gardener
27/6/13, House of Bahaullah in Baghdad Destroyed BREAKING
3/6/13, New National Spritual Assembly Members Elected

Layla One World Warrior


The Baha'i Liberty Blog

18/4/08, A Most Generic Introduction
3/1/08, Education: The Path to Freedom
11/12/07, Ron Paul's Army Fights on Fatal Terrain


28/6/12, hd fish tank wallpaper
28/6/12, selena gomez purity ring
28/6/12, wallpapers of priyanka chopra in saree


24/4/08, Review: The Stillborn God
11/4/08, Incrementalism and Sustainability
5/4/08, Plant a Billion Trees

Karen's Thoughts

17/6/15, Diet and Anti-Diet
21/2/15, Time is an Illusion, so Can I Have a Beer?
16/2/15, Who Do You Think You Are?

Musings on the Baha'i Writings

10/1/06, The Houri: The Maid of Heaven in the Writings of Baha'u'llah
23/12/05, Justice: The Essence of Baha'i Teaching

Anxiously Concerned - a Baha'i-inspired blog

11/7/09, The Eyes of the World Focus on Iran
27/6/09, Message from the Universal House of Justice to the Baha'is of Iran
11/3/09, Urgent Situation of Imprisoned Baha'is in Iran

Thoughts on a Five Year Plan

23/4/08, Concerning Agriculture and Resources.
18/4/08, Things are getting weird.
16/4/08, Is the Universe a Spiritual Realm

Bahá'í Epistolary

28/11/09, Where do we go when we die? Yes, but where is that?
26/11/09, Nightingales: A Musical Offering
12/11/09, If religion divides - why join one? If truth is universal, why "label" oneself? Why call oneself "Baha'i", and not just believe, and remain open?

Photos and thoughts from my journey

18/1/14, The Future is Finite, the Present Infinite
22/2/13, Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward
10/2/13, The Snowstorm

27/12/07, From Israel to LA
21/12/07, Comming Attractions
25/8/07, Summertime

Changeless Faith

7/7/17, The stations of the Manifestations of God I am He, Himself,and He is I, Myself, except that I am that I am, and He is that He is.
7/7/17, Mysticism as communing with the Souls of the Manifestations the true mysticism
24/6/17, Soul, Mind & Spirit it (Human Reality) is the same reality which is given different names
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