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Cold calling

Saturday, July 26th, 2008
“That was in 1992…”

“That was in 1992…”

In 1992, a seasoned NZ reporter, Peter Jessup, checked out the Baha’is and wrote a half-page article for one of the major dailies. He found “a quiet, uncomplicated faith and a creed of equality”.

Door-knocking was obviously not part of the repertoire, and the faith appeared “to have a particular attraction to people from the entertainment field, the liberal, thinking middle class, and students”. Jessup observed that, “the faith has traditionally been kept quietly, in accord with teachings that people should seek it out rather than have it seek them”. He also noted that “Baha’ulla’h (sic) predicted a destructive end to the 20th century that would bring about a rebirth”.

Well, it didn’t pan out as anticipated, and perhaps the Baha’is got tired of waiting for folks to seek out their quiet uncomplicated faith. I’m certainly seeing a change of culture from what Jessup observed in 1992.