Kalimat Press muzzled

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Kalimat Press is an independent Baha’i publishing house and has been supporting authors by helping them get their works published for more than twenty years. As you may have heard, it has just been muzzled by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States, which has asked US Baha’i organisations to stop carrying Kalimat Press books. If this is news to you, I suggest you read Karen Bacquet’s recent blog entry on the subject.

There are two categories of book that Kalimat Press handles. The ones it publishes, and the ones it doesn’t publish:

  • The books published by Kalimat Press all go through Baha’i review
  • The books that Kalimat handles, but doesn’t publish, are all exempt from review.

So Kalimat Press has done nothing wrong, and the US NSA certainly doesn’t need to ban all Kalimat’s output (if that’s what, “all national and local Baha’i agencies [are to] cease to distribute books and other items marketed by this publisher” means). After all, if any of the books that Kalimat actually publishes “contain matter inimical to the best interests of our Faith” then the US NSA needs to go after its own Office of Research and Review for failing to “ensure that basic standards of accuracy, dignity, and timeliness are met in the presentation of the Baha’i Faith to the public”. It’s the body that reviewed and passed the manuscripts that Kalimat published.

And if any of the books that Kalimat handles, but doesn’t publish, are a problem, the US NSA could ask Kalimat to cease marketing anything other than those it publishes, or it could ask assemblies to stop distributing books from Kalimat other than those Kalimat publishes.

On the face of it, The US NSA’s decision is arbitrary and intended as a punishment. What’s more, the US NSA may have informed the US Baha’i community about Kalimat, through The American Baha’i, Online Edition, even before Tony heard the news. Its terse letter to him was dated 29 December 2005.

Also, for comparison, check out Karen Bacquet’s blog entry on what happened recently to the guy who revived the children’s magazine Varqa.

Never mind the Spanish Inquisition…

Papal Swiss Guards in their traditional uniform. Photographer: Arnaud Gaillard.

What the Arc needs, to go along with its rainbow make-over, is a contingent of Swiss Guards. On January 21 2006 the Swiss Guards will have been doing guard duty at the Vatican for exactly 500 years. I’d be ready for a change of job about then.

In 1998 the Swiss Guards had a spot of bother when one of them apparently killed his commanding officer, the officer’s wife, and himself. But you just want to forgive them for anything they’ve done when you look at those uniforms. Aren’t they stunning? And doesn’t Haifa need a bit of colour just as much as the Vatican?

My thanks to an as-yet-un-named contributor for suggesting the Papal Swiss Guards as delightful accessories for the Arc.

Rainbow colours for the Arc!

Rainbow Blocks

“Although the pure white marble of surviving Ancient Greek temples appeals to the modern aesthetic, the Parthenon, like all ancient buildings, was at least partly painted, though scholars dispute the extent and the colour scheme. It is known that the internal ceilings were painted a deep blue, and that the statuary groups on the pediments were painted in bright colours. Some scholars believe that the upper parts of the Parthenon were painted bright red and blue, so that the sculptures would stand out in greater relief when seen from below.”
“Parthenon – Decorations”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fascinating, huh? I reckon the buildings on the Arc would look great painted in rainbow shades!

Rainbow Uniform

Rainbow Team

Top right is a model of the proposed new Centre for the Study of Unity in Diversity.

Think of the benefits! Young folk thinking of doing their year of service at the Baha’i World Centre will really be enticed by photos like this one…

…particularly when the new uniforms arrive.