“I went out of my way to meet with them…”

I am speaking as someone who for fifteen years was closely associated with [people who wish to undermine our confidence and trust in the institutions]. When I finally began to see through what they were doing I cared enough about the Marshalls that I went out of my way to meet with them in Christchurch, New Zealand in hopes of helping them to understand the real issues. I found that the bottom line is that they wanted the Baha’i Faith to be a certain way, and they were determined to make it so despite what the Teachings say.
“Negativity” – Susan Maneck

My memory of the meeting was that Susan had flown to Christchurch for a job interview and was staying at a motel there. Alison and I drove from Dunedin to Christchurch and visited her at the motel. Susan is obviously speaking metaphorically when she says she went out of her way to meet us.