Never mind the Spanish Inquisition…

Papal Swiss Guards in their traditional uniform. Photographer: Arnaud Gaillard.

What the Arc needs, to go along with its rainbow make-over, is a contingent of Swiss Guards. On January 21 2006 the Swiss Guards will have been doing guard duty at the Vatican for exactly 500 years. I’d be ready for a change of job about then.

In 1998 the Swiss Guards had a spot of bother when one of them apparently killed his commanding officer, the officer’s wife, and himself. But you just want to forgive them for anything they’ve done when you look at those uniforms. Aren’t they stunning? And doesn’t Haifa need a bit of colour just as much as the Vatican?

My thanks to an as-yet-un-named contributor for suggesting the Papal Swiss Guards as delightful accessories for the Arc.