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This website aggregates Baha'i-related content from the Internet—blogs, podcasts, websites, documents, videos and the like. It's also a repository for material that doesn't have a home on the web. Think of it as an online Baha'i magazine or newspaper.

Submitting News

In the User menu, second down on the left of the page, there's a link to Submit News. If you click on the list, you can write an article and submit it to the site. There are a couple of useful things to know about this feature

  • You can choose which editor you want to use. At the moment, the choice is between using TinyMCE or "none". You can choose which editor you want, and you do this by clicking on My Details in the user menu. The difference between TinyMCE and none is like the difference between Microsoft Word and Notepad.
  • Some browsers don't support fancy editing, and unfortunately, Opera through to version 8 is one such browser. I'd suggest using Firefox or even Internet Explorer. or just writing plain text and not bothering about pictures. Your submissions are going to be edited, so don't worry too much about formatting.
  • There's a good tutorial on how to use an editor in The Joomla Quick Start Guide, starting on about page 6.
The Legal stuff

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