The Faith forbids me from getting tattoos

In the Baha'I Faith, a 16 year old can choose if they want to leave the Faith or not. I'm not apart of the Faith but I haven't sent in my letter telling them yet. So I'm still on the list

Anyways, I've been debating about getting a tattoo as all 16 year olds do at one point or another. I figured I would get something that has to do with growing up a Baha'I.

To me it's so much more than a Faith. It's away of life. It shaped me to be the kind and sweet person I am. It taught me to love one and love all, no matter how they followed God. Though The Faith has it's cons too. It's against Baha'I law to be homosexual for one, we can't do certain things as I remembered and I just found out I can't get a tattoo for one.

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