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Are there any Baha'i on WeedTracker? I just recently joined the Faith and would like to hear what any Baha'i on WeedTracker have to say about their experiences.

My wife has been a Baha'i (with varying degrees of activity) for the past 30+ years. I, however, am not a Baha'i, although I've socialized with many Baha'is over the years. I find them, for the most part, highly educated, well traveled people. While generally perceived as tolerant, patient, and understated, I did notice that many were struggling with serious issues and that the actually very stringent Baha'i laws might have been what they needed most.

{josquote}...I wouldn't let your LSA know that you are a medical marijuana user if you plan on remaining a Baha'i.{/josquote}

Now, there is an important issue, being a medical marijuana user, that you need to be aware of. I have corresponded with the Universal House of Justice concerning medical marijuana use and have received contradictory information. Some say that marijuana/hashish can be used for when prescribed by a competent and conscientious physician - but the actual written words allow only alcohol for medical purposes.

But the quote I've been sent the most is this one:

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