Have You Hugged a Tree Today?

The assumption that the "good life" requires more individual consumption, constant meat-eating, larger homes and vehicles, and disposable everything will need to fade.  A spirit of shared and equitable material sacrifice can replace it - with no loss of what really matters, such as active good health, strong communities, and time with family.

… the Earth's soil and vegetation can remove billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Agricultural landscapes can accomplish this while improving food and fiber production and minimizing the need for artificial fertilizer and fossil-fuel-driven tilling and raising farmer incomes… from Worldwatch, January, 2009

{josquote}St. Barbe was born in 1889 and lived until 1982 and spent his entire life teaching conservation.{/josquote}

Richard St. Barbe Baker, was among the first conservationists to tell the world about the importance of conservation and its effect upon humanity and global warming. In 1954, St. Barbe wrote: "When the trees go, the rain goes, the climate deteriorates, the water table sinks, the land erodes and desert conditions soon appear".

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