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Mary Colliver, 90, volunteers 3 1/2 hours each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Mariposa Elementary School to help with kindergarteners.
Ponce de Leon was wrong.

The 16th-century Spanish explorer searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida.

Nope. It's right up the road, yonder toward Yosemite. In Mariposa. In Mariposa Elementary School.

Meet Mary Colliver, 90. Keeps an eye on kindergarteners at the school. Volunteers three and a half hours each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Drives from her place to the school.

Uses her cane to step lively across the playground. Doesn't need it in the classroom. Besides the cane, her only concession as a nonagenarian is that sometimes she has to ask the kids to speak up so she can hear them.

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