Introduction to Surah of Sacrifice (Surat'udh-Dhibh)

Historical background

Surat'udh-Dhibh, which translates as Surah of Sacrifice, is a letter Baha'u'llah wrote in Edirne to Muhammad Isma'il Kashani, who had been given the title 'Dhabih' (the Sacrifice) by the Bab. The surah is not to be confused with a letter Baha'u'llah wrote in Akka to the same person, which is titled Surat'udh-Dhabih, Surah of the Sacrificed. This second surah was translated by Shoghi Effendi and appears as section CXV in Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah.

Dhabih was one of three Babi brothers from Kashan, the other two being Haji Mirza Jani, who was martyred in Tehran in 1852,[1] and Haji Mirza Ahmad, who went on to become a Baha'i and then an Azali (a follower of Azal).[2] Dhabih was a follower of Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa'i, the founder of Shaykism, and his successor Haji Siyyid Kazim Rashti. Many Shaykhis became Babis after the death of Siyyid Kazim and the subsequent declaration of the Bab in 1844.

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