Showing The True Path

Lighted lamp at the Lotus Temple at Kalkaji Delhi. On the way to a music programme at the Bahai Temple, this lamp lit up our path. As did many others of its ilk.

I wonder, in these troubled times, could the answer to conflict and hatred lie in such a temple. No icons, no statues, no idols, no sacraments, no sacred books or scrolls. Only multi-faith prayer times at specific hours of the day and evening. You could choose to meditate or muse about your faith. Relax a little in the quietitude. And drawing strength, rise to face the world. Normally the Temple attracts a gaggle of curious tourists through day - domestic and international. Each thronging to get a glimpse of a new god, a new faith and iconography. And perhaps many among them are disappointed not to see anything dramatic. Merely, a gigantic prayer hall, rows of seats and a quiet peacefulness. As quiet as we all can be, given our tendency to stay connected with work, family, friends and colleagues, through the omnipresent Cellular phone, aka the mobile. There are special evenings at the Bahai House of Worship - when the outer facade of the lotus is illumined.

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