Music Review: Blue Scholars - Bahani

SHORT skits and near tracks are a standard feature of albums by many an overactive hip hop artist, few would spend precious disc time on a prayer from a religion founded in 19th Century Iran as Blue Scholars do on their second release Bahani.

Propounding any religious, or even spiritual belief, is a brave step in a genre where superstardom seems to be laid at the feet of hard-core, self-interested materialists perfectly illustrated by the the odious Get Rich Or Die Trying manifesto of Fifty Cent.

However, Hip Hop has always been a broad church (although this must be a first for the Baha'i faith), and it's truly refreshing to hear that the greatest financial boast on this engaging album is MC Geologic's pride at finally getting a comma in his checking account balance - a well deserved comma it is too.

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