Do'a - Ancient Beauty

Ancient Beauty, Released 01/01/1981

1981 release from contemporary instrumental ensemble featuring co-founders Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche with Robert Bennett and Bill Kinzie

A major focus of Do'ah's music is the peaceful coexistence of the widely diverse peoples and traditions of the planet. Do'ah has earned formal recognition by the United Nations for their highly successful "Peace Tour " of the United States and Canada. Highlights of the tour included the San Francisco International Peace Conference, where Do'ah played to an appreciative audience of over 8000 people. They were also recently part of the first Earth Run and an invitational tour of India.

Do'ah's music can be described in a phrase, "life affirming." The band's name comes from the Arabic term do'a, which means literally "to call to worship." The music itself, while often described as New Age because of its message, is more akin to the world jazz of Don Cherry, Oregon, or Weather Report.
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