The story of 'Lotus in the Mudd: visceral melee'

This CD is the fruit of six years of struggling against the part of ourselves that was born and raised dependent upon material things. After six years of distraction, in only one months time, we quit our jobs, mortgaged our house, bought a small digital recording studio setup, recorded, and produced this CD!

Through much sacrifice and heartache we have recorded five of our original songs, sustained only by the grace and mercy of God. We offer this as a gift from our hearts and souls to yours. We pray that through expressing our struggles in our music we can give strength and inspiration to others who are struggling in the path of faith.

Because this is our first CD we do not know what kind of response to expect so we offer our web site as a channel of dialogue for those interested. We invite you to contact us with your thoughts on this project. It is our earnest prayer to meet other musicians and collaborate on future projects. We are Baha'is in Hendersonville, TN.

All the beauty contained herein is from God the Most High. Only the mistakes are our own.

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