Musician plays ancient string instrument

Kiu Haghighi is a master of Persian music. He plays an ancient string instrument known as the santour and for six decades he has traveled the world perfecting his talent.

It's an exotic world of carpets that represents the cultures of India, China and Pakistan. Located in the Merchandise Mart, the Oriental Carpet Gallery has been Kiu Haghighi's place of business for 26 years. Beyond that venue, however, he is internationally known from Japan to Israel -- but not for carpets. He is a world-class musician who plays an ancient instrument known as the santour.

Born in Iran, he has been playing the instrument for 60 years. He says his life in carpets takes second place to his music.

"It is so many years I'm playing it and so many years and so many hours. I'm putting in it part of me, the sound of it. Definitely, so it's just a part of my life," said Kiu Haghighi, santour virtuoso.

Haghighi is a baha'i and regularly attends the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette. Because of his faith, he cannot return to Iran.

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