Kiu Haghighi - santour virtuoso

Kiu Haghighi is known as a santour virtuoso in concert halls around the world. Kiu began his lifetime study of the santour at the age of ten. As a teenager he performed on the radio station of Mashad, Iran and the National Iranian Radio in Tehran, Iran. At nineteen he was invited to join the Iranian Ministry of Education and Art. There he performed as the featured soloist in the Academy Orchestra and performed regularly on National Iranian Television. Kiu was an instructor at the Ministry of Education and Art until 1965 when he left Iran for study in the United States. Kiu Haghighi's musical career in North America has included numerous performances throughout the world in colleges, universities and concert halls. He has remained faithful to a desire to share classical Iranian music with western audiences.

Concert performance in Haifa on May 2 2001

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