Nahüm - Seven Thunders

It's inspired rock/funk/raga Persian chant style Baha'i worship.

Nahüm is the stage name of Brian Taraz.

Seven Thunders is his first offering of Baha'i Sacred Writings in his unique "Scripturerock" style.

With a distorted guitar pumping out rhythmic raga-style rock and funk riffs, Nahüm offers the powerful English writings of Baha'u'llah with a vocal style that hovers between Persian inflected chanting, blues and punk rock.

Baha'is who sample this CD will likely discover a whole new way to consider their aural/perceptual relationship to their Word.

People new to this awesome religious outflow will receive a major injection of untainted, unmodified scriptural verse.

Tablet of Ahmad - freestyle
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O My Servants - Gleanings CLIII
{sstreamtalk}|300|Taraz - O My Servants - Gleanings CLIII|606060{/sstreamtalk}

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