Ferraby Lionheart

Ferraby LionheartFerraby Lionheart, long a favorite of ours here at Baha’i blog, is now, it seems, a favorite of everyone. Interweb music hipsters Stereogum, after naming him an artist to watch, was all a-gush over his show a few days ago; and his first solo release “self-titled EP” has been getting some wonderfully glowy reviews.

So do yourselves a favor and head over here, here and here to download some tracks and then here to watch him serenade an old lady (such a nice boy) and after all that, when you’re as completely in love with him as I am, head over here to buy your own copy of “self-titled EP”. Now excuse me while I go back to listening to “Tickets to Crickets” for the fiftieth time in a row.


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