Prayers for peace

"Therefore, O My God, leave them not by themselves;
take their hands by the supremacy of Thy grace,
then resurrect them in the presence of Thy regal generosity.
Send them forth, O my Beloved, to that
which Thou didst desire for them by the majesty of Thine eternity.
For this is that Good that shall never
have any peer or likeness in all creation;
and verily, Thou art Powerful over all things.

Praise be to Thee, my Beloved.
I ask Thee by Thy hidden Name,
then by Thy concealed description
and Thine impregnable mystery,
not to deprive them of the billowing seas of Thy unicity.
Bring them, O my Goal, aboard the ship of Thy Grandeur,
nor deprive them, O my Desire, of that which is with Thee.
Then reveal to them what will
soothe their breasts,
delight their hearts,
render their souls upright,
cause their tongues to speak forth,
cause their hearts to soar,
solace their eyes,
give hearing to their ears,
and endue their yearning with ardent passion,
that they might be attracted
by the breezes of Thy glorious verses,
to which none hath attained save those
whom Thou didst single out
for the mystical knowledge of Thy Self;
whom Thou didst select to receive
the treasures of Thy resplendent Unity;
whom Thou didst advance in order to make manifest
Thy Cause and Thy sovereignty;
whom Thou didst render the dawning-point
of Thy Being in Thy lands,
the rising-place of Thine eternity among Thy creatures
and the manifestation of Thy divinity
between Thy heaven and Thy earth."

Baha'u'llah: Tablet of the Sacred Night

The 'sacred night' refers to the night of the declaration of the Bab. You can read all about it at the link, where Juan has included a detailed introduction.