Tablet of the Bell (final installment)

Here is the final installment of the Tablet of the Bell. It's a good way to finish off the year 2005. Maybe 2006 will see us all drawing close in our hearts to Baha'u'llah and telling everyone that he has come to show us the way home. Much of the world's tribulations are self-inflicted and unnecessary (and that goes for the Baha'i community too). If the people knew the peace and contentment that knowledge of Baha'u'llah brings, they'd give up disputing with, and controlling, others and just concentrate on being extremely happy.

And Praised be Thou, O God, my God. Since this is how matters stand, send down from the clouds of Thy compassion that which shall cleanse the hearts of Thy lovers and sanctify the breasts of them that adore Thee. Raise them up, then, through Thy exaltation and cause them to be victorious over all that dwell on earth. This is that which Thou didst promise Thy friends by Thy unerring words: "We desire to show Our grace unto them that have been made wretched on the earth and to make them leaders and to make them Our heirs."

Praised be Thou, O He; He that is He; O He that there is none other than He.

Baha'u'llah: Tablet of the Bell

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