Worlds within

In this podcast, I discuss what Baha'u'llah says in the first paragraph of the Tablet of the Vision about the worlds of light that lie within this world of gloom and discuss what this means for our spiritual journey.

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Passages from the writings quoted in the audio:

"O My Name! Listen to My call from the precincts of My throne, that it might transport thee to a shoreless sea, the depths of which no diver ever plumbed. Verily, thy Lord is knowing and generous. We desired to favor thee with the mention of what We saw, that thou mightest perceive the world of light that lieth within this realm of gloom, mightest be convinced that We have worlds within this world, and mightest thank thy Lord, the All-Perceiving."
Baha'u'llah: Tablet of the Vision

"... until, like Jacob, thou forsake thine outward eyes, thou shalt never open the eye of thine inward being..."
Baha'u'llah: Seven Valleys and Four Valleys, p 9

"Give ear unto this: Never shall mortal eye recognize the everlasting beauty..."
Baha'u'llah: Persian Hidden Words, no 10

"Blind thine eyes, that thou mayest behold My beauty; stop thine ears, that thou mayest hearken unto the sweet melody of My voice..."
Baha'u'llah: Persian Hidden Words, no 11

"The first call of the Beloved is this: O mystic nightingale! Abide not but in the rose-garden of the spirit."
Baha'u'llah: Persian Hidden Words, no 1

"Praise be to thee, O My God. Bless Thy friends, then send down upon them from the heaven of Thy magnanimity what will render them detached from all save Thee and cause them to set their faces toward the horizon from which hath risen the sun of Thy grace."
Baha'u'llah: Tablet of the Vision

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