The main game

Here is my next podcast. This time I talk about what the main game of the Baha'is should be—Baha'u'llah. I discuss the importance of focusing our attention and energies on Baha'u'llah and not the Baha'i administration.

{sstreamtalk}|250|11-minute MP3 audio of Alison discussing the main game|#5192CA{/sstreamtalk}

Passages from the writings quoted in the audio:

"Let not the things they have perpetrated grieve thee. Truly they are even as dead, and not living. Leave them unto the dead, then turn thy face towards Him Who is the Life-Giver of the world. Beware lest the sayings of the heedless sadden thee. Be thou steadfast in the Cause, and teach the people with consummate wisdom. Thus enjoineth thee the Ruler of earth and heaven. He is in truth the Almighty, the Most Generous. Ere long will God exalt thy remembrance and will inscribe with the Pen of Glory that which thou didst utter for the sake of His love. He is in truth the Protector of the doers of good."
Baha'u'llah: Tablets of Baha'u'llah, pp 15-16

"Verily Thou art the mighty One Whom neither the power of all the world nor the strength of nations can weaken. There is no God but Thee, the One, the Incomparable, the Protector, the Self-Subsistent."
Baha'u'llah: Tablets of Baha'u'llah, p 34

The background music was composed by Mark Isham. The track is called Mrs Soffel and it is from his album, Film Music.

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