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Some wonderful potential

I see some wonderful potential in the diversity of Baha'is, to help improve many people's lives and to help improve the world, being restrained by popular forms of idolatry, religious and other prejudices, sectarian attitudes and practices, personality cults, bandwagon pressures, self-repression, and other shackles.

I've been experimenting with various ways to help release that potential. I would like to exchange ideas and experiences with others who are working on that, but I haven't found any who want to discuss it with me. I'm tossing out this message in a bottle, hoping it will wash up some place where someone will find it who would like to have that discussion with me.

I'll describe three of my ideas, that might appeal to different audiences:

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Baha'i Ads

A website to help Bahá'ís advertise to Bahá'ís and their friends.

This site is dedicated to providing a place where Bahá'ís can place advertisements about their businesses, events, services or products for free, even if the items are themselves offered for free.

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Looking for definitions in the style of "Devil's Dictionary"

Recently Juan Cole wrote a Ghoul's Glossary - his way of commenting on abuses of language during the 2008 US election. Juan's efforts inspired some glossarising at "Baha'is Online" HQ and resulted in a prototype "Baha'i terms explained" in the site's side-bar. The application throws up definitions one at a time. Like this:

But lots more definitions are needed, and that's where you come in. Get your inspiration from Ambrose Bierce or from Ridvan messages. Whatever excites your muse. Submit your definitions by email or through the comments facility. Thanks for your help.

Baha'i Explorer

Baha'i Explorer is an aggregator of Baha'i content on the internet.

It links to the best articles, blogs, resources and presentations on the web -- and also allows you to see and hear great audio and video clips.

We also let you search for articles, quotations and photos from the official sites of the Baha'i International Community.

Baha'i Explorer is not an official Website of the Baha'i International Community. The application was developed by Brian Kurzius and the content is maintained by a team of volunteers.

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