Three Dreams

An excerpt:

The three nuclear bombs sent from Iran hit Israel simultaneously. The first, missed its mark slightly, hurtled into the port of Haifa, rather than into the city itself. Entire freighters were swallowed up in the fire and the water, incinerating and drowning at the same time. The light was so strong, so blinding that millions of people died without knowing what it was. Their last thought was that the messiah had come on the wings of a solar eclipse. They disappeared, leaving thin, accurately drawn traces of their silhouettes on cement walls, floors, things that remained standing. Every single leaf on every single carefully tended and manicured branch on every single tree in the Baha’i garden burned off in an instant. It looked like the moon, like an exquisitely designed garden of ashes and blackened sticks. The city shivered, shuddered, sank to its knees. Buildings near the port slid down the molten hills and into the seething sea.

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