'Uber Nerd' Rainn Wilson Talks 'Super' Film and Career

{josquote}You practice Baha'i. After Seals and Croft, you must be the most famous adherent.{/josquote}

Rainn Wilson stars as Frank D'Arbo, aka The Crimson Bolt, in the hilarious movie 'Super,' which opens this Friday. You can of course also see Wilson as the most irritating and odd office worker ever on 'The Office,' going strong in its seventh season.

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The wonderfully offbeat actor spoke to us, of course, about Steve Carell's last season on the NBC comedy, working with Ellen Page and whether he was a nerd growing up. (Answer: A decisive yes.)

You rock. Hard.
That's so sweet. I do. I rock hard.

Did you laugh out loud when you read the script for 'Super'?
I did. It's a funny story. I was on the set of 'The Office,' and Jenna Fischer who used to be married to James Gunn, the guy who wrote and directed it, said to me, "You know I was talking to James the other night, and I asked him how come he's never done 'Super' because it's my favorite script of his," and he was like, "Well I don't know who would play the lead," and Jenna was like, "What about Rainn for the lead?"

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