The End Times: Last 'Jesus in Montana' for Aspen

Barry Smith performs his one-man show at the Wheeler

Barry Smith does the last valley performance of his one-man, multimedia show “Jesus in Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult” Thursday at Aspen's Wheeler Opera House.

ASPEN — When you casually mention that you've dwelled in the House of the Lord — and we're not talking about regular attendance at a church where people gather on Sunday mornings to pray, or a metaphorical “dwelling,” as in you follow the dictates of the Holy Book, but have actually been roomies with Mr. Jesus Christ, and maybe at the dinner table once asked J.C. to pass the ketchup — that takes a bit of explaining. And not just a few minutes of offhanded comments. Informing people that you and Christ spent a summer kicking hacky-sack and arguing over house chores takes time and preparation.

“When I talked to people about this experience, there was no short answer,” Barry Smith, who spent the summer of 1993 living with a housemate he believed was Jesus — yes, that Jesus — said. “The answer seemed like it needed to be an hour long. With pictures. And jokes.”

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