The Time Has Come

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My name is Justice Saint Rain. I am an author of books for people who are struggling to apply spiritual principles to real-life challenges with love, sex, shame, addictions, depression, poverty, and a host of other issues that most people would rather ignore. The books I write tend to be personal, honest, and thought-provoking. Consequently, I receive many phone calls and letters from people who have their own personal stories to tell about the challenges they face in life. Some just need validation. Others have questions or observations they would like to explore.

This is the place to do it.

I will be writing about new thoughts I’ve had about the subjects discussed in my many books, booklets and pamphlets. Once I am done setting it up, this blog will have categories for each of the books I’ve published, so you can read about and comment on whichever ones have caught your interest. But the real beauty of these blogs is that I can explore these ideas with you, and get your feedback in almost real-time. I look forward to hearing from you.

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