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Omid Djalili discusses the Baha'i Faith


Omid Djalili, the renowned British-Iranian comedian, actor, and writer - and Baha'i - discusses The Baha'i Faith in Words and Images with the book's authors John Danesh and Seena Fazel.

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Review of "The Secret of Emotions"

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The Secret of Emotions is a warm, conversational 100-page book about how we misinterpret our emotions and, hence, make poor decisions and wind up in bad situations that leave us with feelings of shame and failure. Saint Rain explains how our emotions are indicators of the presence and absence of virtues, and gives practical advice on how to develop our awareness of our emotions so that we can accurately read and interpret them for successful outcomes.

The book is divided into three sections of roughly equal length: "The Secret of Emotions", "Healing Shame" and "Emotion as Spiritual Perception". In the first section, Saint Rain introduces the reader to many ideas that form the backbone of his thesis. A collection of crucial ideas is found in the two opening paragraphs:

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Short Talks on the Practical Application of the Bahai Revelation - Birth Control

Aseyeh Allen Dyar and Harrison G. Dyar - Short Talks on the Practical Application of the Bahai Revelation

"What should be the attitude of advanced thought, especially religious thought, which adheres to the admonitions of the prophets, in the meantime? First, of course, to advocate and further the principles of national federation and state control of reproduction. Next, to do nothing that will make the task of those who finally have charge of the molding of the human race more, difficult. No mixing of stocks, and no diminution in the numbers of the good stocks in the meanwhile. For the future breeders may wish to preserve parts of all the races for their special qualities and special adaptations and they should have pure breeds to use. We must keep up the numbers of the good stocks, for these ideals of ours can succeed only by national support, for which the wise and educated care, but not the weak-minded and defective. Moreover, there must be a goodly supply of the best to begin selection from, or by sheer force of numbers, the barbarians will bear us under. And not until these things are fulfilled may we really treat mankind as one, as the prophets have bidden us." (Page 85)

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The Time Has Come

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My name is Justice Saint Rain. I am an author of books for people who are struggling to apply spiritual principles to real-life challenges with love, sex, shame, addictions, depression, poverty, and a host of other issues that most people would rather ignore. The books I write tend to be personal, honest, and thought-provoking. Consequently, I receive many phone calls and letters from people who have their own personal stories to tell about the challenges they face in life. Some just need validation. Others have questions or observations they would like to explore.

This is the place to do it.

I will be writing about new thoughts I’ve had about the subjects discussed in my many books, booklets and pamphlets. Once I am done setting it up, this blog will have categories for each of the books I’ve published, so you can read about and comment on whichever ones have caught your interest. But the real beauty of these blogs is that I can explore these ideas with you, and get your feedback in almost real-time. I look forward to hearing from you.

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