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"The Cats of Haifa" (a Baha'i Pilgrimage Experience)

About This Video

take a deep breath, calm your self, (if boring, at least jump to 2min point, thats the best part) turn up your speakers, and turn off lights.

meditative and spiritual ~ it captures the most calm moments had while visiting the Baha'i World Center

this turned out to be so moving and enchanting.

Total time is about 6 minutes. The music is by Eri Sugai and really, this time it went so well with the video that if you listen closely it blends with every cut.


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Art warms her heart

Photo by Alan Ward
Fariba Yazdani brushes snowflakes off the sculpture she made in the front yard of her Genoa Township home.

While living in Iran, Germany and the United States, Fariba Yazdani's love of art never faded or went cold.

Even Michigan's frigid temperatures last week couldn't hold back the 55-year-old woman's passion as it burned to create something from the sticky, freshly fallen snow. Last weekend, she went outside, gathered up a pile of snow and created a nude sculpture in front of her Genoa Township condo using her hands, a knife and a brush.

The life-size piece and its details remind some neighbors of ancient Greek or Roman marble sculptures; and, like those classic pieces, one of the arms of Yazdani's piece fell off.

Not bad from someone who has studied art but is not a professional artist.

"I love art," said Yazdani, who once cried and didn't eat until her parents agreed to let her travel to Germany to study at Kunst Academy of Art in Stuttgart when she was 22.

"Without art, what kind of life can we have?" she said.

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A most unusual story of the meaning of Christmas

{amazon id='0853981809'}

Stop me if you’ve heard me tell or write this story, as I have so many times, but I’m compelled to tell it again at this time of the year and on this very special day. It’s not the usual Santa Claus kind of Christmas story, but it has remained with me for a great many years, as I think it will with you, as well.

I’ll have to admit that it isn’t really a Christmas story, but it’s so closely related to what the Christmas spirit has come to mean to me — and I hope to you — that, once it is told, one will always remember it when December 25th rolls around at the end of the year.

Quite a few years ago, in the early 1950s, in fact, I had invited Mark Tobey to lunch at a restaurant in downtown Seattle, and I told him beforehand it was for the purpose of interviewing him, a chore he didn’t really like. However, he went along without complaint because we had been good friends for several years.

Tobey, as all art aficionados in the Pacific Northwest know, was the region’s best-known artist and one who was known in arts circles worldwide, as well. Since he, like most artists I have known, was primarily a philosopher, I began by asking him about his views on such things as immortality, religion, and the soul.

{josquote}he was a lifelong member of Bahai, the international organization that celebrates a variety of religious prophets but believes none is supernatural{/josquote}

I did so, not only because of his celebrated status as a Northwest artist, but also because I knew he was a lifelong member of Bahai, the international organization that celebrates a variety of religious prophets but believes none is supernatural and that a person should not become attached to any religion.

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Baha'i Faith in Words and Images (Paperback)

{amazon id='1851682198'} {josquote}This volume combines comprehensive coverage of the faith's teachings, leaders, texts, practices and organization, with images reflecting its rich architectural heritage and international diversity. (Amazon){/josquote}

In an age where so many are preoccupied with global issues of freedom, human rights, peace and religious intolerance, the Baha’i Faith and its teachings are more relevant than ever before. This volume combines comprehensive coverage of the Faith’s teachings, texts, practices, community life and organization, with images reflecting its rich architectural heritage and the international diversity of its members.

Paul Slaughter spent three years travelling around the world to capture the photographs for The Baha’i Faith in Words and Images, from remote tribes in Papua New Guinea to villages in the mountains of Peru, taking in every continent. Breathtaking photography and intelligent accompanying text are combined to produce a beautiful coffee-table book, and accessible introduction to one of the fastest-growing religions of today.

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