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New volume of Baha'i sacred writings is published

A new volume of selected writings by Baha'u'llah, entitled "The Tabernacle of Unity," has been recently translated and published in English.

This latest publication of the Baha'i World Centre contains five "tablets" - letters - written by Baha'u'llah to individuals of Zoroastrian background in the 1800s. As such, these tablets provide important insights into the interrelatedness of religion.

The first two tablets presented in this book are based on questions posed to Baha'u'llah by a Manikchi Sahib, a diplomat representing the Parsees of India in Persia. Manikchi Sahib had become an admirer of Baha'u'llah and therefore decided to pose certain questions that he had concerning issues of religion.

The last three tablets contained in this book are addressed to other early Baha'is of Zoroastrian background that had similar questions.

Though all of these tablets were addressed to individuals who had Zoroastrian roots, Baha'u'llah's responses to these inquiries are not limited to a Zoroastrian perspective.

"The nominal thread that unites these five Tablets is that they were all revealed over a century ago to individuals of Zoroastrian background," said Steven Phelps, a translator working in the Research Department of the Baha'i World Centre. "However, too much of a focus on this angle might make the volume seem backward-looking and irrelevant when in fact its message is very much for the here and now.

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Anis Mojgani, slam poet, with "Shake the Dust"

Anis Mojgani

"For the first time on the show we also are playing the work of a slam poet. His name is Anis Mojgani, and he was the 2005 National Poetry Slam Champion. I heard him two years ago at the Baha’i Center in New York, and was blown away by his poetry. His performance is brimming with energy, and speaks to the current condition of humanity."
Will Morton - Next Level Radio

Listen to Anis on the Next Level Radio podcast, found on the NLR blog. It's called "Shake the dust", it starts about two minutes in, and it's highly recommended.

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Buy his CD at Soultease

Norman Baker MP on the Death of Dr David Kelly

British Lib[eral] Dem[ocrat] MP Norman Baker is now two months into a private, year-long investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly, the scientist who found himself under seige after apparently accusing the government of ‘sexing up’ the case for war to a BBC journalist.

The Hutton Inquiry, framed as a battle between the government and the BBC, failed to probe the manner in which Dr Kelly met his death. Suicide was largely assumed, but the blunt gardening knife found at the scene, the fact that only a single ulnar artery was transected, the lack of blood splattering, and the tiny amount of co-proxamol residue found in Dr Kelly’s stomach, points up the need for closer scrutiny.

In a debut TV appearance on the subject - GMTV’s ‘The Sunday Programme’ - Mr Baker invited those with relevant information to contact him. He will be producing a report or book on his findings next year, but his stated aim is to above all arrive at the truth.


Duffy Sheridan

Duffy Sheridan
Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Oil on canvas
Collection of the Baha'i World Center, Haifa, Israel

Duffy Sheridan has been painting since he was a child. His father was an artist and encouraged him to learn to paint everything. He has traveled the world and dedicated his artistic life to the discovery and expression of beauty as he sees it.

Although he, along with his wife, Jeanne, and sons Eli and Max, spent many years in relative seclusion in the far corners of the world, Sheridan's work has attracted the attention of collectors on five continents, and is included in government, corporate and private collections. His paintings can be found in prestigious institutions from a Cathedral in the South Pacific to the US Air Force Academy to corporate headquarters in Manhattan, as well as in the private residences of kings, judges, bishops, doctors and collectors all over the world.

For over 30 years the teachings of the Baha'i Faith have been the primary influence of Sheridan's life and work and have dominated his continual search for that balance of craftsmanship and artistic expression which will elevate, in some small way, the human condition.

Sheridan feels he has learned to appreciate the richness of humankind and has come to believe that the purpose of his work should be "to magnify the dignity and nobility of the human spirit and the singular beauty of all things. When people look at one of my paintings, I'd like them to see that humans, indeed, are noble beings."

Duffy and his wife now live in Arizona.

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