Controversy over the Egyptian tourism ad continues

We were rather disappointed by the unexpected reactions from both Muslims and Baha’is to the Egyptian tourism ad video which simply aimed to spread awareness. By no means was this video intentionally insulting or offensive. Even if some people may disagree with its strong approach, the cases and the way in which it was presented was completely realistic and valid. Nowhere was it implied that Egypt was unworthy of touring; the ad was simply a creative way of reaching a wider audience to make the public aware of a continuing struggle of the Egyptian Baha’is.

We are glad that this video actually reached its aim in raising discussion concerning the struggles of the Baha’i minority in Egypt. Not many people are actively condemning these human rights abuses and this is exactly what we aim to achieve via this website: we put the issues on the table for them to be discussed and for people, especially non-Baha’is, to be aware of what Baha’is are going through and we cannot see this happening without the use of multiple media platforms: videos, podcasts, blogging which eventually do reach traditional media formats (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.) In other words, it reaches many different people regardless of whether or not they even read this website.

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