Journalist launches fierce attack against Baha'i 'traitors'

The following video shows a journalist hurling death threats at Baha'i followers on an Egyptian talk show. Three days after the programme was aired, the homes of several Baha'i families in a rural village were burned down.

The Baha'i faith, conceived in the 19th century, rests its morals on the unity of god, religion and humanity. There's a large following in Iran and almost 2,000 Baha'is in Egypt, according to the US government's International Religious Freedom report of 2007.

Although the religion was recognized in Egypt in 1930, the Baha'is were stripped of the right to practice their beliefs in 1960 when president Gamal Abdel Nasser declared the recognition of only Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In 2006 the Supreme Court went a step further by insisting that they choose one of these three as their religion; if not, they are not officially recognized by the state.

Extract of the heated debate

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