Build Your Own Chicago

Build Your Own Chicago is a series of postcards published by Wurlington Brothers Press which can be cut and assembled into miniature paper models of prominent Chicago landmarks. We look for some of the spirit, if not the complexity, of the beautiful "Micromodels" designed by Geoffrey Heighway in the 1950s. All postcards are designed and drawn by Matt Bergstrom.

The postcards generallly measure 4-5/8" x 6-3/4" and include all pieces and instructions necessary to make one model. All the cards are mailable postcards, with space on the reverse of the card for a stamp and address and a message. Each card also includes a short but informative description of the landmark the model represents. Instructions are included in the form of multi-lingual isometric diagrams on the front of the cards. If you would like more detailed instruction for any of the models, visit the How To Build It page.

The Bahai House of Worship, located in Wilmette just outside Chicago, is the North American center of the Bahai Faith. Construction of the temple began in 1920 and was not completed until 1953, in part due to the complexity of architect Luis Bourgeois' elaborately ornamental design. The delicate traceries of the nine-sided dome are created from cast concrete of white cement and quartz. Flowers and peaceful gardens surround the building on a hilltop overlooking Lake Michigan.

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