Conspiracy Demand Exceeds Supply

Breaking News: New Attack on Baha'i Faith by Canadian Alternate News Publisher

Conspiracy theorists are becoming desperate, and publishers, too. Consider Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem, April 16, 2010, by Max Bryant, who begins with the following text juxtaposed next to large pictures of the Wilmette, Illinois, Baha'i Temple and the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa, Israel:

The world view of the Third Temple will be that of Unitarian-coordinating Interfaith and of the Baha'i temples, such as those in Chicago and Haifa. One can picture nights when Chicago socialists Rahm Emanuel and Obama walked passed the Wilmington Baha'i temple, contemplating the dark success of the future Temple in Israel...

{josquote}...supposed construction of an underground temple in Jerusalem that will be raised hydraulically to the surface...{/josquote}

Bryant seems unconcerned if this makes no sense, if the so-called illuminati have nothing in common with the Baha'i Faith, if the Temple is not in Chicago or Wilmington, if the Shrine in Haifa is really the resting place of the sacred remains of The Bab and not a temple per se, if it is questionable that Emanuel and Obama are socialists or ever visited the Wilmette Baha'i Temple together, if nobody has a clue about any presently contemplated Baha'i Temple in Israel, what "dark success" might mean (although it does sound spooky) or if there is any connection of substance among any of these things.

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