It's Good to Look Up, Part II, " Road Trip"

My new Face Book friend and long ago business crony, Joan, took note of my blog post about looking up. Knowing that I didn't have a car in Chicago anymore, she offered to take me on a road trip to the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette for some high class, North Shore looking up.

{josquote}No clergy, no altars, no statues - just reminders everywhere of the oneness of mankind and the sacred nature of peace.{/josquote}

We enjoyed the ride up relatively traffic-free Lake Shore Drive and followed the twists and turns of Sheridan Road. Rounding the corner to our destination we spotted the gleaming white temple rising up out of its lush gardens and boldly tiled fountains. I was reminded of how breathtaking the view of Baha'i was the first time I saw it many years ago on our way up north to a family party.

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