Worshipping the Baha’i way leaves me puzzled

Sizzling Faith

{josquote}After the ninth reading, a song is sung and people quietly begin moving out. Is that it?{/josquote}

It is 10:30am in Kikaya, a Kampala suburb. The Baha’i Temple’s caretaker opens its doors and followers begin trickling in.

At the entrance, we are all given the order of the service by the caretaker and the theme of the service is World Peace. Almost all races can be found in this place, everybody seems to have a personal seat and the church choir proceeds to its designated place.

I had struggled to look for the most decent skirt I have but from the look of things, people are carefree as no particular dress code is emphasised; I notice that most teenagers are putting on trousers but, honestly, nobody had a micro mini dress or skirt.

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