POLICE: Woman found living in Louisville Baha'i center

Clara Porter

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Police say members of a local religious group got a rude surprise Friday night when they found a woman living in their community center.

The Bahá'í Center is located at the corner of Bardstown Road and Bradford Drive. According to LouisvilleBahai.org, the center is devoted to promoting the "oneness of God," the "elimination of all forms of prejudice" and "environmental preservation."

According to an arrest report, board members arrived at the center on Friday night, shortly before 8 p.m., for a regular board meeting.

But before they could begin their meeting, police say they found 55-year-old Clara Porter lying on the floor of the foyer.

"The center is a private meeting place for Bahá'í faith followers and was locked, except for the door to the foyer," police say.

When the board members questioned her about her presence there, she allegedly told them that the center was her home. Police say she then began yelling and cursing at them, telling them to leave.

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