Sobering take on the National Register of rebuilding the birthplace of the Baha'i leader + photos

Fars News Agency: National Action sobering up and restore the birthplace of the Baha'i leader + photos

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Registered in Tehran with the historic homes houses "great light of Mirza 'Ali Mirza encounter the birthplace and ancestral home of Noori cult leader" Baha'i", the action was deliberate or unintentional is unknown!

According to Fars, Tehran these days in the big city with a centuries-old history, culture and architecture of the old houses are found in that particular era, the cultural heritage of homes that are registered in Tehran has been times, homes, such as the houses of the Union, houses Amyrbhadr, imams Home, Home shaghaghi, building the endowment represents all Iraqis learned a leaf from the pages of the history of this city.

However, there is a house near St. Pamenar recorded on 28 December 1385, the National Office of Cultural Heritage in Tehran has come to this house, called "the great light of Mirza" father's house "Mirza Ali Noori" famous leader of Bahá'u'lláh Organizational cult "Baha'i" is.

It was in this house that Ali Nuri was born in 1233 AH and Babbitt began to expand its activities in the book "Nabil Zarandi" - Baha'i books - about activities in the home deviant sect leader wrote: "The Babbitt claims Sayyid Ali Mohammad Shirazi, in Jumada al-Awwal 1260, he was 28 years old and lives in Tehran, which seeks to promote the following chapter, Molla Bshrvyhay known as 'Bob's door', he and his brother, Mirza Yahya, known as the 'morning eternity' in Turning to the first one came about", so the thumb can see that this house is central to the development and promotion of the cult Babbitt in Tehran, though it was an opportunity to Ali himself, Babbitt continued to establish the cult!

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