Isis Oasis: Egyptian temple and animal santuary

Tucked away on the south end of Geyserville is Isis Oasis Retreat Center, Temple and Animal Sanctuary.

Once a Pomo Indian ceremonial ground, then a Bahai’ School, it is now home to the Egyptian Temple of Isis, founded in 1978 by San Francsico artist Loreon Vigne.

Vigne calls the sanctuary her living art project, with a 500-year-old fir tree as its centerpiece. The property is also home to the exotic cats she has been raising and breeding for more than 40 years. Among them are servals, jungle cats, bobcats and domestic born ocelets. Vigne says she is the only known ocelot breeder to reach a seventh generation of the endangered species.

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Baha'i Faith building in Lapwai burns

Kids playing with fireworks believed to be the cause

LAPWAI - Charred walls and a sunken roof were all that remained of a building here Tuesday that was being used by members of the Baha'i Faith.

The converted home caught fire Monday evening in a blaze that Nez Perce County Fire Chief Ron Hall said is believed to have been caused by children playing with bottle rockets. Fire crews from Nez Perce County Fire and Lapwai Fire spent several hours dousing the blue building on the corner of First Street West and Locust Avenue.

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The forbidden temple

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When you are all alone with your camera well before dawn and well before the rest of the world will come to meet you, you have the opportunity to bend the rules. I was taking some photographs of the otherworldly Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL when I decided to step inside for a few photographs. Just inside the door there was a sign that indicated photography was not allowed. There was no one around and the door was unlocked – surely they don’t want photography when the congregation is present, but while everyone is asleep and I’m there with my D700, they don’t mind …. right?

I took off my shoes and left them outside next to my tripod so as not to make a mess of the immaculate floor and carpet inside. The building has a breathtaking dome, carved with immaculate detail throughout and “The Greatest Name” in golden calligraphy on the ceiling. I took a few photographs and left before I left a trace or was caught!

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Disney invests in Haifa entertainment complex

The city of Haifa is already on the tourist map of Israel, but now it's likely to get an even bigger chunk of the market with its new Disney-style theme park.

The Walt Disney Company investment arm Shamrock Holdings and the Israeli New Lineo cinema chain have announced plans to build a $168 million amusement park and a multiplex movie center in the port city.

The entertainment complex is said to open in 2013. It will include a 30,000 square meter amusement park and a 50,000 square meter compound with shops, 25 movie houses, and four theater auditoriums.

{josquote}If things go as planned, Haifa's landmark sites such as the Bahai Temple or the Carmelite cable car could soon be replaced by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends.{/josquote}

"The project, which is still in its development stages, reflects our goal of providing quality entertainment for the people of Israel," Avi Edery, Deputy CEO of New Lineo Cinema, told a news conference.

"This plan expresses confidence in our plans to turn Haifa Bay in a thriving business area," said Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav.

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Baha’i Temple, Santiago Building : New Chile Architecture


The Baha’i Temple for South America, designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, employs both translucent stone and innovative glass technology as the means of generating and manifesting both the physiological and spiritual delights of natural light embodied in architecture. Set against the stirring background of the Andean mountain range, the Temple is designed as a crystallizing of light-as-expression, an evanescent structure of white alabaster and glass: a place of pure luminescence. During the day, the soft undulating alabaster and glass skin of the Temple forms its outer expression. At night, the image reverses; the entire volume becomes a warm totalized glow, with the inner form of the building visible through the glass.

Baha’i Temple - Project Description

{josquote}...responsive to the cultural givens of the area{/josquote}

The inner form of the Temple, suspended within its radiant exterior envelope, is a volume defined by finely articulated tracery of wood, offering a delicately ornamental inner surface, rich in texture, warm by nature, acoustically practical and responsive to the cultural givens of the area. The Temple’s nine enfolding wings, identical in form, are organically shaped and twisted slightly to produce a nest-like structure, readable as a soft undulating dome positioned around a raised base. The Temple is to be sited amidst a radiating garden comprising of nine reflecting lily pools and nine prayer-gardens. The primary approach to the Temple reveals a sinuous, ethereal, light-washed structure.

The Temple touches lightly on the ground, its base having become virtually transparent, with each of the nine wings practically floating in the horizon. While firmly grounded, in terms of its engineering, the form of the Temple speaks nevertheless of ascendance. It is hoped that the Temple’s design will be seen as a restrained interplay of seeming contradictions: movement against stillness, the building’s profound rootedness made to seem buoyant, and a symmetrical structure that seems possessed of a performative spirit.

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