India, Day 1: Delhi (an extract)

{josquote} is a very benign religion that just wants everyone to get along and love each other.{/josquote}

...I had nearly run out of money, but my driver misunderstood my request to stop for the day and we went to a place called Lotus Temple. Luckily Lotus Temple does not charge because it is run by the Baha’i, who are trying to recruit you. The Baha’i are very nice, so the recruiting is not very annoying. I didn’t know anything about Baha’i before, but it seems it is a very benign religion that just wants everyone to get along and love each other. The Lotus temple is a big white temple that looks like giant petals like a flower opening, surrounded by 9 little blue pools of water. It was gorgeous, and I tried to say a little prayer that people would all just get along, in honor of the Baha’i.

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More spots in Delhi are terror targets: Australia

{josquote}The Supreme Court as well as the famed Lotus temple are all subject to possible terror attacks.{/josquote}

Sydney: Australia has issued a fresh terror alert regarding India, advising its nationals to avoid some parts of the country and leading tourist spots including the Red Fort and Bahai temple in New Delhi.

In its updated advisory, Australians have been advised to exercise a high degree of caution while travelling to the Indian capital and other parts of India, the Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday quoted the government as saying.

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Worshipping the Baha’i way leaves me puzzled

Sizzling Faith

{josquote}After the ninth reading, a song is sung and people quietly begin moving out. Is that it?{/josquote}

It is 10:30am in Kikaya, a Kampala suburb. The Baha’i Temple’s caretaker opens its doors and followers begin trickling in.

At the entrance, we are all given the order of the service by the caretaker and the theme of the service is World Peace. Almost all races can be found in this place, everybody seems to have a personal seat and the church choir proceeds to its designated place.

I had struggled to look for the most decent skirt I have but from the look of things, people are carefree as no particular dress code is emphasised; I notice that most teenagers are putting on trousers but, honestly, nobody had a micro mini dress or skirt.

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Concerns Cited About Rooftop Antenna Plan

{josquote} of the Baha'i center "caught us off guard" because the land had originally been planned for a Presbyterian church...{/josquote}

Concerns raised around an application from T-Mobile to place three antenna canisters on the roof of the Baha'i Faith Center in Sterling have caused some members of the Planning Commission to question whether a wholesale evaluation of the county's telecommunications policy is needed.

Several residents from in and around Sterling's Cardinal Glen neighborhood came out to express their objections not only to the application, but also over the lack of communication from the applicant. T-Mobile says the antennas are needed to fill gaps in their service to county residents, and needs a commission permit to put up the antennas. A commission permit evaluates whether the application is in conformance with the county's General Plan.

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Council says 'no' to Bahai place of worship

{josquote}It will be a lot worse if we were to conduct our religious activities in residential areas because then there will be the issue of parking problems and noise{/josquote}

SUBANG JAYA: An application for a place of worship in Pusat Bandar Puchong sparked a debate at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council's full-board meeting yesterday.

The debate was on whether to allow the application from the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i to use a shoplot in the township as a place of worship.

The debate started after MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikhsan announced that the council had rejected the application on two grounds.

The first was that there cannot be a change of usage of premises from business to place of worship and the second was that religious bodies must have government recognition.

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