Arrested Iranian Baha'is Face Islamic Court

Almost one year ago, the news was first broken here that the authorities in Iran had arrested the administrative body of the Baha’is of Iran.

The news sent shock waves worldwide across the Baha’i community as everyone realized that this meant that our fellow Baha’is in Iran faced a renewed pattern of persecutions.

{josquote}...the treatment of the Baha’is in Iran is no less tragic and unjust than what is meted out to many groups in Iran{/josquote}

Now Baha’is are abuzz all around the web because we have news a few days ago that the 7 arrested Baha’is are to be tried in court with trumped up charges of espionage. They have never been allowed to see their lawyer, nor has any manner of due process been followed in their case.

If they do go to trial, you can expect it to be little more than kangaroo court with the verdict already decided well in advance.

Yaran Baha'i Group Iran

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