Dwight, the Baha'i Faith, and My Friend in Finland

{josquote}And by "crimes" I mean "worshipping God in the way you want."{/josquote}

Rainn Wilson--Dwight Shrute to most of us--wrote an opinion piece today for CNN about some current religious persecution in Iran. As you can read in the column, several members of his religion--the Baha'i Faith--are about to go on trial for some crimes they are accused of committing. And by "crimes" I mean "worshipping God in the way you want."

You can read more about the persecution of the Baha'i Faith here.

Wilson keeps it classy and to the point: He asks for support of a resolution in Congress related to this cause, and suggests that we, as Americans, take a step forward and show a little more appreciation and perspective on the rights and freedoms we have.

{josquote}something about the combination of Dwight Shrute, my friend in Finland, and religious persecution just makes me feel all activisty{/josquote}

I have only known one member of the Baha'i Faith in my lifetime--when I was a Mormon missionary in Finland. He was an older gentleman-- an American--who moved to Finland as a pioneer to help establish a presence for the Baha'i Faith in that country. He was getting up there in years, and I have lost contact with him, but I miss him. He was always kind to the missionaries in Turku. He served us ice cream every week and asked us to read passages from the Book of Mormon to him. Now and then, he would share some of his own religion with us, but he was usually more interested in hearing our take on things. I really liked him--I remember him being one of the most decent, genuine people I've ever met. He was also really good at chess, but that's neither here nor there.

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