Parliament Ready to Approve Budget Item to Combat Baha'is

Iran's Parliament

Ayandeh Rouchan news agency is the mouthpiece of orthodoxy and fanaticism in Qom. On Sunday, March 8, 2009, it reported that Iran’s Parliament had finally passed the administration’s budget request for the next fiscal year by a vote of 148 Members of Parliament out of a total of 237.

According to the same report, on the recommendation of the Social Committee, a sum of 30 billion Rials [equivalent to $3.1 million] has been allocated for “promotion of teaching and dispatch of teachers to combat Satan-worshippers, Sufis and Baha’is.”

{josquote}You’ve got to love Iran’s fiscal responsibility!{/josquote}

The same report indicates that this sum will be deducted from the budget of the Executive branch and added to Qom’s budget for seminary schools.

You’ve got to love Iran’s fiscal responsibility!

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