19 Facts about Baha'i spies in Iran

To: The Respected President of the Guinness Book of World Records

Dear Sir,

We would like to nominate Iran for consideration as the world record holder with respect to the nineteen (19) accomplishments below:

  1. Iran is the first country in the world to label over 400,000 followers of the same religions as spies.
  2. Iran is the first country in the world where spies are freely and openly going about their lives and the government is not apprehensive about them.  However, once in a while, a few of these spies are arrested in order to keep the government militia from boredom; then the spies are interrogated for a few months so that interrogators may gain experience.  Sometimes, spies are tortured for the practice of the torturers.  Ultimately, a few face firing squads for testing of the guns.
  3. Iran is the first country in which spies are born as spies.  There is no need for the courts to prove the allegations against them since they are innately convicts from birth.  They have no rights; therefore, there is no need to consider their civil rights when bringing charges against them.
  4. Iran is the first country where if spies recant their faith and convert to Islam, they are no longer spies, but are considered saved.

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