There Can't be a Happy Ending to Our Story

Dr. Vahdati

There can’t be a happy ending to our story, if only the human rights of certain segments of society are considered

Editor’s Note: Dr. Vahdati is an Iranian-American human rights activist and freelance writer who has published extensively on the effects of the death penalty, women’s rights and gender issues in Iranian journals.  Dr. Vahdati published the following article in the online Persian journal Iran-Emrooz, addressed to Mrs. Fakhri Mohtashamipour, wife of Seyyed Mostafa Tajzadeh, who served as the Political Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Interior of Iran in the government of President Mohammad Khatami.  Tajzadeh was arrested in June 2009, amidst the Iranian election protests.

By Dr. Soheila Vahdati

I have read the letter that you have written to your husband [here], a widely published correspondence that was written for the purpose of seeking public attention and support in the wake of your husband’s arrest and the uncertainty surrounding his fate.  I sympathize with you as a wife, whose husband has been arrested. I am writing to tell you that I absolutely feel your pain, and I hope there will be a happy ending for everyone.

{josquote}Can’t we look at one another and respect each other as human beings, irrespective of our convictions?  Can we let words such as apostate, irreligious, Baha’i or Israeli not be considered to be profane?{/josquote}

Moreover, I am writing you as a human rights activist, who is concerned about the infringement of the rights of your husband.  I want to draw your attention to the fact that there will be a happy ending to our story if, and only if, all of us, whether Muslim or not, participate in writing our story, as human beings who respect and defend each other’s civil liberties and do not keep quiet when anyone’s rights are violated.

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