Faith and Persecution

Nasser Sedghi (pictured) left his homeland of Iran in 1978 and has not been able to return since. Nasser and his wife, Farzan, came to Australia as refugees in 1984 after meeting and marrying while at university in India. By the time they completed their degrees it was too dangerous to go back home.

Nasser and his family are followers of the Baha'i faith, which Nasser says can mean persecution in relation to employment, education and many other daily freedoms.

Nasser's brother, Farhad decided to stay behind in Iran to give other Baha'i's access to higher education by teaching at a university specifically for Baha'i followers. Farhad was recently arrested and is currently being kept in a jail in Tehran. Nasser says he believes his brother was arrested because of his involvement with academia and Baha'i.

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