Baha’is demonstrate in Tehran, against the oppression of Muslims

PCED, July 26

Today (July 26) a small number of Iranian Bahais held a demonstration outside the offices of the United Nations in Tehran, to protest the killing of Muslims in Myanmar. A statement issued by these Bahais says, “The defence of human rights, regardless of religion, race and thinking, is the duty of every human rights activist. Recently the world has witnessed a deplorable tragedy in Myanmar that rends the soul of humanity, yet the people of the world remain sunk in silence. In Syria, innocent people are killed under the most heinous circumstances and human dignity is trampled underfoot; the tears of the children of Palestine and Gaza fall on the shoulders of their fathers, and the world watches indifferently. The Muslims of Chechnya have been deprived of the right to life, which is the most basic human right, while the people of the world continue to life in relative prosperity. … We, a group of Iranian Baha’is, condemn the brutal genocide and massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, demand an investigation, and draw the attention of the international community and human rights organizations to these outrages….”

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