Election time shenanigans in Iran


Iranian media in English are reporting the exposure of a spy ring affiliated with the “enemies of Iran and Islam.” The story (probably 100% fiction) says that the head of the ring was recruited several years ago by an Arab intelligence service that is close to Israel. He was put in touch with Mossad and sent to Israel for intelligence and military training, before going to Iran to spy for Mossad. Then he went to the Indian subcontinent and “met with two heads of the Zionist espionage operation, the Baha’is” and established contacts and coordinated with them. His next step was supposed to be to arrange terrorist attacks on June 14, election day. What a great way for a spy to stay undercover.

So why did have to go to India to contact Bahais? Are there no Bahais left in Iran? If he was trained in Israel, couldn’t he just hop on the train to Haifa and ring the bell?

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